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#weareallalittlecrazy, As our Movement is being driven by a growing Alliance, we are of the belief that it is literally going to take a village to course correct the way our society, globally, treats mental health.


Because of that - whether through#SameHere🤙Hero stori...


IAM the open sky, IAM the ocean deep, 

IAM the cloud that floats,IAM the mountain steep,

IAM compassion,IAM freedom,IAM grace,

IAM WARRIOR ... if you dare to face? 

Be part of the #iamwarriormystory journey. 


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Support Giano for her great contribution in supporting Mental Health Awareness and Challenges through Creative Arts.

Giano Johal  Nominated For Business & Community Charity Awards 2017 for Volunteer of the year award. To find out more about the nomination. Visit

I would like to thank Gulshan radio Wolverhampton & Harjinder Kaur for the opportunity to talk about Life Balance Arts and Mental Health awareness .
What a pleasure it was to open up a very taboo and stigmatised subject. Let's hope we managed to give some people t...

Life Balance Arts will be delivering a creative workshop. Giano Johal Co-founder and organiser of RSG Survivors United conference

The most painful tears are not the ones that fall from your eyes and cover your face. The most painful are the ones that fall from your heart and cover your soul.

We are joining together to celebrate Brandon's short life and remember people who thought #suicide was th...

A survey commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation, has found only 13% of Britons are living with high levels of good mental health. This is really concerning. We think a significant part of the solution lies with the governments across the UK at national and city l...

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