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Life Balance CIC is an organisation that is establishes to bring together individuals and communities that are living in isolation under the umbrella of mental health. The founders of Life Balance Arts Giano Johal is a passionate and determined woman who believes that issues like Mental Health is not being addressed in the community.


Life Balance CIC is an organisation that will be tackling  head on the stigma and taboos that surround Mental Health, a subject matter that far too often is being neglected, often resulting in the most vulnerable people in society feeling alone and isolated. By using an artistic representation, intrinsic motivation and a holistic approach, Life balance arts will be, not only educating society and people about the various forms and struggles of mental health, but will also be implementing new and creative ways to support people. 



Life Balance CIC is based upon creativity and wellbeing to be used as a tool to bring about awareness of mental health through artistic representation, whether it would be through art, drama, dance, music and written & spoken word, Life balance arts envision that the negative views that surround mental health to be alleviate. Life balance arts would like the sensitivity in discussing topics like mental health to be removed and that society and communities start to talk about the realities and struggles people face on a daily basis. LBA’s vision is to remove the very negative views that surround people who suffer from a mental health issue.


Our mission is to work with people from all walks of life regardless of their age, gender, status, class or religion. Life balance arts is core values is based upon empowering, supporting, integrity, compassion, understanding, empathetic, non-judgement, humility and creativity.


A life balance art has the belief that every single person has their own individual quality and potential. The realisation of their self-value and self-worth is often lost in the daily routines of life and labels. To unlock our own potential we often have to step out of the box and find creative ways to see what our potential is and what we are worth. This is core underpinning of Life balance arts our mission and value is to help people find unlock their potential and gain control and value for their own lives. 


  • Acts in the best interests of the community

   We make strategic and operational decisions in the best interests of the community.

  • Is commitment to volunteers and volunteering

  We value the motivation, expertise and variety of experience that volunteers bring to the         organisation, and ensure that they are appropriately supported and valued.

  • Is reliable

   We strive to provide the best possible service and ensure that those in need can count on us to deliver, as required.

  • Is innovative

  We are committed to finding new and ambitious ways to tackle the problems we encounter; we         strive to identify solutions to problems in the hope that we can prevent these in the future.

  • Is transparent

   We aim to be open with and accountable to all parties that are involved, including service        users, volunteers, members and funders.


OUR AIMS ...  


Life balance art aims to provide individuals, families, carers etc. a platform to express their struggle in relation to mental health through creativity and artistic expression. Life balance arts would also like to provide intrinsic motivation and alternative services that would be able to reach out to all members of society that struggle with mental health. 


  • Provide services and workshops in wellbeing and arts

  • Support community cohesion

  • Bring people out of isolation

  • Harness individual artistic talents  through various forms of  creativity and intrinsic motivation

  • Reach out to all age groups and abilities

  • Providing a platform for people who would not normally be given such opportunities  to express their artistic flare 


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