To build a bigger network with other organisations in order to be able to provide our service users with the most effective means of support. We have found that there are core areas of services that have been identified in order to achieve our mission and goal. 

2017 - 2021 objectives:

  • To open a centre to run regular workshops and group activities opened to all ages groups

  • To set up focused development programmes incorporating a holistic approach to self-development for an individual’s physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing

  • To tap into a wider multimedia platform to create short videos and documentaries highlighting the connection between arts and creativity with wellbeing and mental health


We would also like to focus on current fundamental issues in relation to mental health within the:

  • Cultural sphere

  • Social sphere



Life Balance arts aim to provide the best and most appropriate support to all our service users so that they receive the most appropriate and effective means of support. In order to do this we have a range of service offered and work in partnership with:


  • Carers Groups

  • Womens Groups


We hope to expand our network of partnerships and build great working relationships with organisations that share our value and vision.

projects ... 



  • Survivors United Conference

  •  Stopignoringme Campaign

  • Working with various charitable organisations and art groups

  • Carers groups 



Life balance arts will be holding workshops in various forms coming very soon (dates to be confirmed)

 They will include:

  • Art

  • Music

  • Drama

  • Dance

  • Classical Musical instruments

  • Empowering and wellbeing  

future objectives... 


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